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Cost: $0 (complimentary/free)/15 minutes

Purpose: In order to adequately assess the suitability of a therapist for your specific needs and determine if a rapport can be established, consultations serve as a crucial step. These consultations afford you the opportunity to gain insight into the therapist's professional demeanor and ascertain whether a sense of comfort and trust can be fostered within the therapeutic relationship. Moreover, these sessions enable you to gain a comprehensive understanding of the therapist's unique therapeutic approach, allowing you to further gauge their compatibility with your personal goals and preferences. Additionally, consultations provide an ideal platform for you to pose pertinent inquiries and address any concerns that may be central to your decision-making process. Ultimately, by engaging in consultations, you can make an informed decision about selecting the therapist who can best meet your therapeutic needs and facilitate your growth and well-being.

Where: Therapist will call you at the number provided during the appointment time. 
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