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Katie Hines is a skilled therapist specializing in counselling psychology services for adolescents and young adults. With an impressive educational background that includes a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Windsor, followed by a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology from Yorkville University, Katie has amassed a wealth of experience working with clients of all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life.

Meet Katie

With a natural ability to connect with others and a deeply empathetic approach to therapy, Katie truly cares about her clients and is committed to helping them gain a better understanding of themselves and their internal struggles. She firmly believes that mental health is a vital but often overlooked aspect of overall wellbeing and is deeply passionate about breaking down the barriers that prevent people from seeking the help they need and deserve.

As a registered psychotherapist, Katie offers a safe and non-judgmental space where clients can explore their emotions and thoughts in a way that is best suited to their individual needs and preferences. She is dedicated to collaborating with her clients to develop personalized therapeutic strategies that draw on various modalities, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), as well as mindfulness practices, to help them overcome personal challenges and achieve their goals.

Katie's clients describe her as a compassionate, understanding, and genuinely caring therapist who takes the time to listen to their concerns and works tirelessly to help them achieve the breakthroughs they seek. With her unique blend of expertise, experience, and innate personality traits—including empathy, passion, and non-judgmental understanding—Katie is a valuable asset to her clients and the community at large. If you're seeking professional counselling services, reach out to Katie Hines today and take the first step towards achieving the peace and healing you deserve.


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